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Let’s transform aging into a happy and fun experience. The Hoffmann Method develops Bright colors of aging.

Hoffmann World Corporation

The Hoffmann World Corporation consists of a world wide group of companies inspired by the Hoffmann Method and focused on an strategic management of pre-Seniors and Seniors both wellness and health.


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Hoffmann Method
26 NOV 2018

What it represents for you work at Hoffmann World? ¡Our team tell you!

In Hoffmannworld we have taken out our sentimental side and we want you to meet some of the members of our team to understand what represent for them working in th…

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Vitalia Ness
17 OCT 2018

Vitalia Ness Valencia opens its doors…

Vitalia Ness Valencia, the new Hoffmann Method project for preseniors with more than 30 years of life ahead, has already opened its doors in Valencia (Spain).

It is the first Vitalia ness welln…

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04 JUL 2018

An Australian National Dementia Competition Recognises 6 Young Students…

It fills us with pride every time an initiative on the part of young citizens puts the spotlight on our…

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Hoffmann Method
Hoffmann Method

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Hoffmann World, through its Hoffmann Method, has achieved and continues to achieve a successful worldwide expansion of the services of the Method, together with its revolutionary philosophy and the differential benefits it brings, getting the consolidation process underway. Hoffmann method as a global, effective, innovative and international approach.

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offmann World

The Hoffmann World business group is formed by companies created, inspired and oriented towards the strategic management of the wellbeing and health of the pre-senior and senior world, training, consulting and research in this field, technological innovation and, in general, to contribute to the evolution and transformation of the senior's life through the Hoffmann Method.