The Hoffmann Method is a highly unique, specialized work process in the field of geriatrics. Our method is based on three pillars: a scientific-therapeutic pillar, a technological pillar and an economic pillar.
Its scientific-therapeutic aspect is based on cerebral neuroplasticity; contrary to common belief, the Hoffmann methodology has demonstrated that elderly people’s brains are fully capable of relearning through physical, neuropsychological, nutritional, cognitive and social exercise routines.

The second aspect is based on the digitalization of the Hoffmann methodology. To do so, we have developed our own proprietary technological platform, which constantly demonstrates the detailed, real-time tracking of the elderly’s progress and an extraordinary degree of efficiency, enabling our professionals to spend as much time as possible treating our users and providing them with services.

The digital platform is divided into five areas, namely Health, Therapy, Communication, Administration and Billing, allowing us to save time and making us more effective.
Our financial approach relies on a business model that stands out from others thanks to the substantial added value provided by the Method.

The Hoffmann Method is the core of our lines of business and, after being structured, documented, acknowledged and registered by the Administration as a “Scientific Work”, it has expanded to the point of becoming a national and international benchmark in the field of Prevention, Care, Treatment, and Wellness for elder people.
The Hoffmann Method allows for both outstanding specificity of all offered services and remarkable operational efficiency.

This Method is a revolutionary way of dealing with the ageing process - its pioneering approach provides solutions to any issue concerning our wide range of levels of action (Prevention, Early Detection, Newly-diagnosed Pathology, and Advanced Pathology) at each and every step of the ageing adventure.