The Ness approach, focused on the wellbeing of the Senior population, with maximum exclusivity, elegance and comfort, the Prevention of Pathologies and the Promotion of Active and Healthy Aging are pursued in an attractive manner, playful and adaptable to every need. Thanks to this perspective, healthy aging is possible, both physical and emotional. Active aging entitles a concept of rehabilitation and specific and individual therapies, workshops, activities, next-generation equipment, Hoffmann protocols, platform for therapeutic management and the most comfortable and modern facilities.

The application of the Hoffmann Method allows adopting an innovative concept of Neuroprevention and Neurorehabilitation, providing a complete Wellness experience.

Advice, education, training, awareness and constant innovation and technology support are some of our pillars. Ness offers two main types of Services: Vitalia Ness Health, focused on Prevention, and Vitalia Ness Rehabilitation, which includes cognitive, cardiorespiratory, and stroke treatment approaches.

The people to whom this service is addressed are the so-called Social Seniors, people over 60 years, active and independent but concerned about their health and well-being. In order to maintain their independence, willing to invest time and money in their own care, eager to learn about Active Aging. Even the Senior with a minor impairment who needs an specific treatment will find in Ness the solution to their needs.

¿What is Vitalia Ness?

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Vitalia Ness is an innovative unit created to offer a complete wellness experience to find prevention, rehabilitation and comprehensive advice that best suits the senior´s need.s A new concept of health care and wellness.

Our key principles are:

  • Prevention & Quality
  • Treatment programmes, designed by senior citizens´experts, adapted to every need.
  • Seniors should remain active for as long as possible and perform activities that they find satisfactory.
  • Day centers must adapt to users, not users to day centers.

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