Certificado Método Hoffmann

The basic training concept is a combination of knowledge transfer, through structured sessions, plus on-the-job training and coaching. Every single professional will receive a two-hour online daily concept session. The rest of the working day is designed to obtain coaching and assessment in practising the Hoffmann Method while they perform their daily activity tasks. Training groups will be formed by bringing together professionals with the same category, level and objectives. Each group will receive a five-day training programme.

After having satisfactorily passed the Hoffmann Method Training phases and the exams required to obtain the degree, the Hoffmann Method Training Certificate is granted to individual professionals, to a whole Centre or to professionals who have received Trainer Training. In the last case, the person trained will be fully licensed and trained, in turn, to train other professionals in the Method and award this Certificate.

To ensure the highest standards of Quality and Innovation of the Method, the Certificate should be renewed one year after obtaining it, and subsequently on an annual basis.

Equipo Médicos