Innovation and Development

The key element of the Hoffmann Method is constant innovation and development, in which technology plays a major role. Examples are the Wellness Platform and its App (instuctive, easy to use, updatable, and focusing on with key Senior Wellness issues), the therapeutic use of devices (such as tablets, giving access to brand-new games and therapies that our Technological Innovation Team devises and updates all the time) and Robotics (like the social-emotional robot Aisoy, with whose creators we are collaborating to implement modern therapies adapted to the Hoffmann Method).

Innovative therapies and robotics in the Hoffmann Method
Since the Hoffmann Method was invented more than ten years ago, countless unique and exclusive therapies have been created and developed under its principles and differentials.
1. Robotic therapy and cognitive stimulation.


We are pioneers in the field of Robotics since we are constantly on the lookout for most advanced technologies to adapt them to the measure, needs and abilities of our Seniors. As a result, we have signed agreements with different partners specialized in the field of Robotics and new technologies, developing specialized Robots in Cognitive Therapies.

After partnering with Aisoy, which has created a socio-emotional Robot, we have devised a comprehensive programme of Cognitive Stimulation Exercises based on The Hoffmann Method, comprising two sets of individual programmes based on a given level of cognitive functioning: low and intermediate.

These exercises, which have been proven to fight the progression of cognitive decline while enhancing users’ self-confidence, intend to improve the following cognitive domains: memory,language,attention and concentration,orientation,computation and praxia.

We also have Nuka, a pleasant-looking and textured Japanese therapeutic robot that applies animal interaction techniques. Robotic therapy optimizes the physical, cognitive, social and emotional functioning of older people, improving their quality of life through the psychological benefits provided by interaction with robotic animals.
Participation in this robotic activity to get therapeutic objectives shows positive results increasing its use as a treatment method in different profiles such as:

• Some type of dementia
• Parkinson
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Ictus
• Heart problems or hypertension
• Respiratory problems
• Social issues
• Language problems
• Controlled psychiatric disorder
This treatment programme enables us to work on memory, attention, orientation, language, sensory stimulation, social and physical skills.

2. Wii therapy
This new therapy allows a simultaneous intervention at a physical and cognitive level, while the elderly approach new technologies and create spaces for intergenerational encounters.
3. Animal assisted therapy
Therapy through animals aimed at improving self-esteem, improving cognitive abilities such as attention. Multisensory stimulation of excellent results with trained and directed animals.

4. New Apps
Apps are helping seniors to overcome their loneliness at home, to interact virtually with their distant relatives and even to rediscover their roots. Internet, social networks and home automation are available but not fully used to work on neuroprevention and neurorehabilitation. The Hoffmann Method regards training in the use of new technologies essential in order to expand the therapeutic means used in its treatments.

5. Werium Senior by Hoffmann Method
We use body sensors to encourage movement through videogaming. This lets our users do rehabilitation and physiotherapy while having fun and sharing. It is the first system for measuring the cervical articular range or multiarticular movement.
A new innovative technology based on three aspects:
• Assessment: We provide a powerful software to measure therapy progress.
• Rehabilitation: We provide therapy programmed using videogames and werium sensor.
• Control: We provide control of PC, Mac and Android devices with body motion.

6. Hur Senior
We have equipment to carry out preventive, maintenance and rehabilitation training. Efficient and ergonomic exercise for all users.

7. Hoffmann Method Cardiowall
CardioWall is a highly versatile tool intended for various age groups, types of abilities, and environments. Both cognitive and physical abilities are put to work thanks to this interactive, dynamic, and fun-for-all game which is making a substantial impact on schools and Senior Care settings alike.The CardioWall game challenges users to keep their balance, stretch, squat, reach for, and think – it focuses on hand-eye coordination, endurance, core strength, reaction times, and flexibility. It allows users to raise their workout intensity in just a few minutes and can serve as a standpoint for sport sessions and physical rehabilitation programs. The basic premise of the game is to react as quickly as possible when the lights -or ‘pods’- displayed on the board go on to rapidly turn them off.

Additionally, it allows for real-time tracking and comparison of users’ performance while extra add-ons can be downloaded for further in-depth analysis.
It is our purpose to improve our members’ physical, cognitive and psychosocial abilities through all the new activities/therapies that we are looking developing. These will be rooted in the deep analysis of the current undertaking of the CardioWall activities that take place in our Centres. We keep our focus on creating our own personalised treatment programs made up of custom-made activities for Seniors and Pre-seniors.
8. Game therapy
By game therapy, we mean using any kind of games therapeutically. The therapy establishes a communication link between the user and the professional to stimulate the different areas (physical, cognitive and social) of the person to whom it is applied. So Game Therapy is not just playing for playing’s sake, or playing for fun (although this can of course be one of the goals of this type of therapy), but when a decision is made to use the game therapeutically, certain specific objectives are set, which must be achievable through the use of a specific game and always bearing in mind that the game serves as a means to partially or fully achieve these goals.
9. Constant Innovation in the service portfolio
The Hoffmann Method is accompanied by a portfolio of services and specific treatments, specialized in the elderly and seniors:
• Preparation for retirement
• How to relax
• Treatment of overweight and nutritional advice
• Comprehensive attention to menopause
• Integral treatment Oncology
• Comprehensive treatment in Memory Loss
• Comprehensive Parkinson's Care
• Individual Cognitive Stimulation
• Rehabilitation of Language
• Emotions workshop
• Senior Wellness
10. Wellness Platform
The Wellness Platform and its APP will be an interactive, manageable and updatable Website, full of interesting and useful content for people interested in the Wellness World.
The Platform will be characterised by its simplicity of use for those with little experience with the Internet, by containing eye-catching albeit essential and clear information. Inter-device compatibility and scalability will be guaranteed thanks to the use of the latest technology available.