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You are hereby informed that the owner of this Website is Hoffmann World, whose identification data are as follows:

Address: 15 Paseo General Martinez Campos, 1st floor, centre-right unit. Madrid 28010.
CIF: B86815875 (Spanish Tax Identification Code)
E-mail address:

General information

This Legal Notice is compliant to and honours the legal provisions pertaining to the Organic Law 15/1999 (13 December 1999) of Personal Data Protection and to the Law 34/2002 (11 July 2002) of Information Society Services and E-Commerce.

This Legal Notice regulates the use and utilisation of the Web Portal accessible through the Internet address, which Hoffmann World, whose registered office is located at 15 Paseo General Martinez Campos, 1st floor, centre-right unit. Madrid 28010 makes available to Internet users. The name of the domain "", has been duly notified to the Commercial Register of Madrid in accordance with article 9.1 of the Law 34/2002 (11 July 2002) of Information Society Services and E-Commerce.

Said Web page purports to make public any information, activity, product, and a variety of services, whether proprietary or belonging to third parties, offered by Hoffmann World.

The utilisation of the Portal attributes the condition of the user to the Website (hereinafter the “User”) and implies the full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the provisions included in this Legal Notice. It is a duty of the User to carefully read this Legal Notice on each of the occasions in which it intends to use the Portal, as it may be modified.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned general conditions of use, the possibility that certain contents on the Portal are subject to special conditions, rules and instructions of use is not excluded, which, in any case, may substitute, complement and/or modify this Legal Notice and which are to be accepted by the User prior to accessing said contents.

Access to the Portal is unrestricted and free of charge, except for any costs incurred by Internet connectivity through the telecommunications network provided by the Internet access supplier users may have contracted. Hoffmann World reserves the right of limiting the obtainability of certain areas within the Web site (client area), in which case it is required of the User to register itself and to provide all requested information, as well as to choose and identifier and a password both of which are to be dutifully kept and used.

It should be noted that the services provided by Hoffmann World bear a monetary cost defined by the corresponding commercial offer. Under no circumstance shall any of these services be provided through the Portal.

Use of the Portal

It is mandatory the User should make proper use of the Portal in conformity with the Law, with this Legal Notice, and with the rest of conditions, regulations and directives subject to application, and will be held responsible for any damages deriving from breaching this obligation.

Moreover, all information provided by the User via any form on the Portal shall be truthful. Thus, the User guarantees the authenticity of any data communicated to Hoffmann World and agrees to maintain all forwarded information updated so that it reflects, at every given time, the actual situation of the User. The User takes sole and full liability for any untruthful or inaccurate information they communicate and for any associated damages caused to Hoffmann World or to any third party as a result of such communication.

Links to and from the Portal

If an Internet user owning a Web page includes on such site a link to the Portal, this link will lead exclusively to the main page of the Portal but no reproduction of it in any form will be allowed. Should any content of the Portal be displayed alongside third-party content, the latter must not be misleading, confusing or deceitful in regards with the original source of the content of the Portal, nor must this action represent an act of unfair comparison or imitation or exploit the reputation of Hoffmann World.

The Web page showing the link must by no means state untrue or inaccurate information about Hoffmann World, its partners, its employees or its clients, nor must that page indicate that Hoffmann World has granted permission for the inclusion of the link or that Hoffmann World is in any form related to or partnered with said Web page.  

With the exception of cases allowed by Law or explicitly authorised by Hoffmann World, provided a direct link to the Portal is permitted, the Web page containing the link may not use any brand or other form of clear differentiation of Hoffmann World.

Any Web page that includes the link must abide by the Law and must not host any illicit or immoral content or any content contravening commonly accepted customs.

The Portal itself, for its part, includes technical linking devices which grant the User access to other Web pages and Web portals. In these cases, Hoffmann World acts as intermediation services provider pursuant to article 17 of the Law 34/2002 (12 July 2002) of Information Society Services and E-Commerce (LSSI), whereby it will be held accountable for the content and services provided by the sites therein linked solely in the instances when the links have not been deactivated despite their illicit content having been made known to Hoffmann World.

The existence of linked sited does not per se implies the existence of any agreement between the controllers or the owners of the involved sites. Hoffmann World declines responsibility for any damages resulting from the illegality, lack of quality, lack of updates, unavailability, error or uselessness of the content of such sites, since it has no knowledge of it.


Hoffmann World is not responsible of proving the correctness, completeness and topicality of any data provided through its Web site. Hoffmann World is not accountable for any decision taken on the basis of information contained on the Portal, nor is it responsible for any harm or damage sustained by the User as a consequence of actions based solely upon information obtained from the Portal, since the content of this page serves a general purpose and does not constitute the provision of a consultancy service of any kind, this information being insufficient for professional or business decision-making on the part of the User.

Hoffmann World is released from the duty of controlling viruses or any other harmful digital elements regarding the use of its Portal, a responsibility that belongs to the User’s availability of digital resources suitable for detecting and disinfecting any potentially damaging software. Hence, Hoffmann World is not responsible of any damages to Users of third parties’ hardware incurred during the provision of services by the Portal.

Hoffmann World accepts no liability for any type of damages deriving from malfunctions or disconnections in a telecommunications network that result in the Portal service becoming suspended, cancelled or interrupted either while the service is running or previously.

Protection of personal data

In compliance with the Spanish LOPD, you are hereby notified that all personal information provided by you will be introduced in a file -registered with the Registry of the Spanish Data Protection Agency- over which Hoffmann World holds ownership and responsibility and which is located at the following address: 15 Paseo General Martinez Campos, 1st floor, centre-right unit. Madrid 28010; Phone no.: 91 360 53 93.

The objective of this file is to allow for the provision of our services, to offer commercial information regarding the services and to map navigation sequences through our corporate Web page, your personal data being essential to attain said objectives.

In regards with the mapping of browsing schemes on our corporate Web page, we hereby inform you that Hoffmann World uses cookies to access the site. Cookies are small files sent from the computers of Hoffmann World to those of the users of which automatically store data specific to a particular User: the IP address of the visitor, the exact date and time the visit begins and ends, as well as information about the various sections of the accessed Web site. Declining authorisation of the use of cookies entails exiting the site except in the case of your browser being configured to notify you of any upcoming cookies, with the possibility of setting up your computer to block cookies while enabling access to the information contained on Please note that Hoffmann World, in accordance with the requirements of the Organic Law of Data Protection and the regulation of its development, has adopted all legal, technical and organisational measures needed to safeguard personal data taking into account the technological state of the art, the nature of the stored data and the risks to which they are exposed. Please also note that such data will be incorporated into files on the sole condition that these files adhere to the specifications required by the Law concerning their integrity and security in addition to treatment centres, premises, equipment, systems and programs. Likewise, Hoffmann World guarantees its duty of professional secrecy regarding all processed personal data and its obligation to guard them.   

By no account will your personal data be disclosed to third parties, with the exception of cases provided for by law as well as cases where explicit consent on the User’s part has been granted. Notwithstanding this, we inform you that for the purposes of analysing the traffic of the corporate Web site of Hoffmann World there might be transference of your IP information –or other information related to your browser- to Google Inc., excluding any other personal data –such as your first name and your family name- you might have provided.

All Users may exercise their rights of access, rectification, erasure or objection by addressing the data controller, Hoffmann World, at any given time by means of a written application sent to the postal address specified above or by sending a message to the e-mail address It will be mandatory that you should provide proof of ID in the form of a scanned copy of your National ID card (NIF) along with that of your authorised representative in case they are acting on your behalf; the type of right exercised and any involved data will need to be declared as well.

Intellectual and Industrial property

The content of the Portal along with any files Hoffmann World might forward or make available to the Users, as well as any brand, commercial name and any other distinctive sign contained on the Portal or subject to appearing on it, belong to Hoffmann World or to third parties that have specifically authorised Hoffmann World to include them on the Portal.


This Legal Notice is governed by and construed in full compliance with the laws of Spain.

In accordance with article 32 of the Law 34/2002 (12 July 2002) of Information Society Services and E-Commerce (LSSI), for the settlement of any legal disputes that may arise in regards with the Portal, these shall be definitively resolved by way of arbitration at law to be administered by the Arbitration Court of Madrid of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid, to which the administration of the arbitration and the designation of the arbiter is entrusted according to their Rules and Bylaws.

Both parties undertake to carry out the award without delay and, should there be an agreement between the parties to not appeal to an Arbitration Board, they undertake to appear before the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid thus waiving their right to their own jurisdiction, if this were another.