Hoffmann Home

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Hoffmann Home can be tailored to each person’s needs and situation, and offers a comprehensive and structured service. Beneficiaries can choose from wide range of therapies and activities, according to their needs. This is the best optimal solution for any elderly people who, for some reason, cannot or do not want to go somewhere else to receive the care and treatment they require.
Hoffmann Home is segmented into three main lines of action:

House : focused on the Senior`s home, the aim being to adapt the home after analyzing it and issuing an adaptation report and a list of recommended modifications.

Rehabilitation: after a pre-assessment and drawing up a personalized treatment plan (which will be initiated and then monitored) will allow the Senior to receive the most appropriate treatment for their needs and / or medical condition through Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Neuropsychology, and Speech Therapy, and with a Nutritionist's advice. The rehabilitation can also be performed remotely.

Prevention: based on personalized prevention programmes with activities, technology, counselling and training (programmes that start with a pre-assessment, followed by the beginning of the programme, establishing routines and finally counseling).

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