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Hoffmann training is a new learning concept that offers a wide catalogue of wellness, social & sanitary courses for healthcare professionals, companies, caregivers, Seniors and families.                   

We have three Level of Education based on the Hoffmann Method:

  • Hoffmann Method Training: We offer a full program on the Hoffmann Method which includes certified protocols for the care, rehab and treatment specialized on the Senior and pre-senior.
  • The courses are based on real live online training and a personalized schedule depending on the needs and availability. Hours vary upon it. It will also include 2 weeks on site in one of our Vitalia centres.
  • Trainer of Trainers: The full Hoffmann Method program is imparted which it will also include an specific module in order to become a Hoffmann Method Trainer in an specific territory, upon agreement.

Hoffmann World, in association with Higher Education Institutions (Complutense University of Madrid), offers Master’s Degree in Strategic Management and Administration of Socio-Health care Services for the Elderly by The Hoffmann.

Research Projects

Alongside our constant and productive efforts to incorporate the latest state-of-the-art therapies, resources, and technologies into our method, there is a noticeable and ever-increasing involvement in place as far as research goes. A number of research projects are currently on the horizon (needless to say we have placed a strong emphasis on research and on the testing of the Method from the very beginning, giving way to a great number or successful case study reports, papers, publications, and depositions), the most prominent one being an imminent joint research project between Hoffmann World and Complutense University of Madrid which aims at proving, through the Scientific Method, the effectiveness of the approaches pertaining to the H.M. in terms of yielding positive results in the fields of pathology prevention, pathology treatment, rehabilitation, and improvement of quality of life of those treated by the Method.

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Postgraduate course in "Direction and Management of Social and Health Services for the elderly", based on the Hoffmann Method. Guide your professional future into the senior citizen sector and find your next job.