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Hoffmann World, through The Hoffmann Method, has achieved and continues to achieve successfully a worldwide expansion.

The Hoffmann Method therefore constitutes a revolutionary way of looking at the ageing process - its pioneering approach provides solutions to any issue concerning our wide range of action levels (Prevention, Early Detection, Newly-diagnosed Pathology, and Advanced Pathology) during each and every step of the ageing adventure.

Essentially, The Hoffmann Method can be offer to shareholders, collaborators or partners, and to any person, professional, organization or institution in the world that wants to explore the immense possibilities that falls behind the Hoffmann Method. Behind the Hoffmann Method stands as well an Interdisciplinary Team; Personalized Attention; Single Treatment Plans; our own Digital Platform; Unique Therapies; Innovation and constant development. We also understand the importance of the people surrounding our guest, reason why we offer Attention to Families and our own Hoffmann Method training to Care givers and families so our philosophy is brought back into the homes as well.

Facilities and Equipment; Successful Cases and, finally, a Constant Testing and improvement makes the Hoffmann World a unique approach in the care of the elderly . From the Hoffmann World Headquarters we are always willing to offer an international scale of any of our business lines; Licensing of the Hoffman Method, Hoffmann Training, Vitalia Franchises, Hoffmann Home and Hoffmann Ness among any other opportunity that the country might offer, all standing behind The Hoffmann Method.

The Hoffmann Method Certification is part of our offer, after been trained and examined we provide a worldwide Hoffmann Method Certification. 

Our ever growing business have reached places like India, Malaysia and Indonesia where The Hoffmann Method training has been carried out, thorough our training of trainers approach so these clients can continue with the expansion of The Hoffmann Method for its full benefit, since they have the necessary knowledge to establish procedures, protocols, therapies and activities according to The Hoffmann Method principles. In Mexico, it has been possible to establish a Day Care Centre according to the Vitalia model (where Prevention, Early Detection, Rehabilitation, improvement of Independence, Welfare and Home Care services are offered); Brazil has been benefited by The Hoffmann Method Training as well as Argentina, with students who receive the most detailed training in order to be able to apply it into a Sociosanitary environment,  as well as to be able to enlarge our project in terms of knowing how to act professionally and respectfully towards the elders. On the other hand, Chile has received the Territorial Exclusivity of The Hoffmann Method, with a national scope (they have exclusive knowledge and know-how on The Method and the license to extend it to as many business lines as they deem necessary). The Hoffmann Method territorial exclusivity also includes an extensive Training on The Hoffmann Method which contains a cultural understanding of their needs and behaviours and a joint analysis of all the opportunities that can be explore.

An important collaboration projects are been developed thanks to the joint efforts and combine strengths and Know How resulted from a partnership agreement with Sprit de Vie; a great company that is leading our landing in countries as United Kingdom and Australia. Together we are leading a large-scale and long-term projects that are allowing us to grow The Hoffmann Method exponentially, on one side we are adapting our methodology to existing centres and resources in the country of destination, and on the other side together we are creating a new perception on healthy and active ageing, based on The Hoffmann Method brand and slogan “Ageing with health and joy by gaining quality of life is possible through The Hoffmann Method”. This has made possible the creation of a new Wellness concept, with modern facilities and innovative services that, under the umbrella of The Hoffmann Method, cover an ongoing new market of healthy and active Seniors and Pre- Seniors concerned about their health and Wellness, with a good economic level that allows them to invest on their health.  They are too young, independent and still active to live the typical "retired life", even when they present some pathology that requires specific care. They simply want to live each year that passes with joy. We have called this concept The Hoffmann Club.