WHO fights against the erroneous stereotypes associated with aging

19 Apr 2018
Hoffmann Method Family support is essential to fight the prejudices associated with aging

Family support is essential to fight the prejudices associated with aging

The World Health Organization (WHO) is preparing a global campaign to combat the misperceptions associated with aging. According to this institution, people who relate adding years to the loss of quality of life, suffer the risk of living 7, 5 years less than those who do not, and their recovery from diseases is much slower than normal.

In 2016, the Organization publishes in Geneva the results of its latest analysis, Global Values Survey, which contains a sample of 83,000 people from 57 different countries.
At this time, 60% of respondents thought that older people are not given enough respect, especially in the most westernized countries.

Similarly, prejudice and negative attitude towards this new life stage can cause a significant deterioration in the physical and mental health of the individual. Alana Officer, Coordinator of the Department of Aging and Life Cycle, assures that society as a whole is to blame for this problem.

Factors such as the treatment of the elderly in the media, mandatory retirement and discrimination caused by an image of fragility and vulnerability that often has nothing to do with reality.
Taking the awareness of this situation is essential to eliminate the false myths associated with aging, and a way of planting that has not yet been created.