Now is possible to detect the risk of suffering Alzheimer from 50 years old

27 Mar 2018
Hoffmann Method DNA may have the key to a diagnoses of premature Alzheimer.

DNA may have the key to a diagnoses of premature Alzheimer.

The University of California San Diego has a research related to the risk of suffering Alzheimer's and it has been published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry. According to the researchers, the genetic tests up to now available only provide information on the carriers of the Alzheimer's gene, which often never reaches a development.
In the same way, many people who don´t have that gene is going to have the disease. This means that Alzheimer's doesn´t have to do with a particular gene, but with a set of variations that, if coinciding, can trigger it.

Thanks to the investigation, the so-called political risk score can now be calculated for the percentage of possibilities of this happening. The study can predict amnestic-type memory impairment in older adults, one of the most common, but no less dangerous.
In fact, 8 out of 10 people with this problema will develop Alzheimer's in later years. Know in advance the risk of helping to treat the issue quickly the problem of early times.
The previous investigations only focused on stages from the age of 65, but thanks to new advances, at 50 it´s already possible to struggle against this type of dementia.